Creative problem solving and engagement will lead to greater customer service and satisfaction

According to a research, customer satisfaction highly depends on creative problem solving and customer engagement --- understand customer pain points, wants and needs so that you can curate a personalized customer experience to meet their demands and expectations.  Businesses have been successful when they tend to listen to customers, take ownership of customer's pain points,... Continue Reading →

Top Amazon Predictions for 2018 #Amazon has proven to be one of the top #tech #leaders and an #innovators. #2018 #predictions are #astonishing. My personal #favorites are the #airship #fulfillment center sending #drones for #deliveries, #AI, #healthcare and #banking entry..

Digitization is a competitive necessity rather than an advantage as most of the businesses are rapidly transforming

Peloton revolutionizes fitness health industry with its immersive and socially connected workout experience

Peloton is re-imagining the way we think about indoor workout experience through its innovative technology (bike), immersive and socially connected platform. The bike is a design marvel with cutting-edge technology and it features live and on-demand programs that will best suite for your schedule. Peloton is leading the digital fitness trend and it could be the next cool... Continue Reading →

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