Creative problem solving and engagement will lead to greater customer service and satisfaction

According to a research, customer satisfaction highly depends on creative problem solving and customer engagement — understand customer pain points, wants and needs so that you can curate a personalized customer experience to meet their demands and expectations.  Businesses have been successful when they tend to listen to customers, take ownership of customer’s pain points, and provide a solution rather than being apologetic and sympathetic. It was interesting to learn about a new mental model in this research and how the researchers divided the customer interactions into three phases:

  1. Sensing – Try to ask questions (in a listening mode) to deeply understand the customer’s wants, needs, and pain points
  2. Seeking – Try to demonstrate problem-solving (in a brainstorming mode) along with customer and explore potential options, workarounds and solutions
  3. Settling – Try to work with customers (in a collaborative mode) on pros and cons of the options and settle for a potential solution that will help resolve the customer’s pain points and deliver the intended business outcome

In the age of modern customer, it is highly critical to win the hearts of the customers to win their wallets. I am sure the above mental model and the research study will be highly beneficial to you as well.

Please share your experience and examples with your fellow colleagues and the community.. Knowledge sharing is contagious. 

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