What is #Intelligence?

Today, I read few interesting articles about Marvin Minsky, a cognitive scientist who spent most of his life researching about Artificial Intelligence, and thought you might be interested to hear about my perspective.. Please share your comments and your perspective as well..

As Marvin Minsky mentioned, Intelligence is a suitcase term (very loaded term). There are numerous words that can be interpreted as intelligence — such as intuition, reasoning, perception, acumen, comprehension, consciousness, insight, coherence, sense, judgement, realization, awareness, so on and so forth. I have various interpretations too. Firstly, I think Intelligence is a deep insight that can be derived by inter-connecting or interrelating variety of data, information, activities, user behaviors and that can be delivered in a contextual way to humans. Another interpretation is when you can interrelate among various events and predict or foresee what might happen in future. A simple example would be to predict a firm’s stock price for tomorrow based on your current knowledge of a firm’s fundamentals, financial performance, economic conditions, current affairs and the market’s sentiment, etc.

In the business context, I strongly believe that derived acumen with the domain knowledge could be a form of intelligence if it helps to make a business decision. Reasoning is another form of intelligence that I strongly think is relevant in business context. With the advent of big data (volume, velocity and variety), getting any sense and reasoning out of this data is gold (a form of knowledge that firms can use as a competitive advantage). Today lot of enterprises are immersed in volumes of data, but struggle to make sense out of it, so reasoning is the first step in intelligence.

I think machines have critical role to play in this evolution to complement human power. With the technology advancements around GPUs (Moore’s law), Machines can process volume/variety of data effortlessly, remember them and correlate with new set of information. Eventually, Machine intelligence can simulate human intelligence (at least in the next decade). It is similar to how we teach, educate our kids with various kind of information, behaviors, manners, emotions, good or bad things.. Time and Technology will soon give us an answer.

However, it is too early to start comparing machines and humans (haven’t forgotten about Skynet or terminator though), but would rather think that humans and machines could coexist for collaborative decision-making and solving business/social problems for greater good.

Here are few articles to read if you are interested.

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